Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Manufactured Controversy (Starbucks, Christmas, and Josh Who?)

Why in the hell is my Facebook feed filled with comments about red cups, a war on Christmas, and the chiding of Christians who should get their priorities in line?

Let me get this straight:

Starbucks decides to remove decorations from its holiday cup...
A FORMER pastor--FORMER, mind you--who is now a SELF PROCLAIMED internet
"social media personality" says this is a war on Christmas and against Jesus.
And Yahoo News, Fox News, CNN, The New York Times, and others run headlines.


Are you kidding me?

Are you really kidding me?

Folks, the war on Christmas is already lost--if there was one in the first place.

I mean, when retailers begin putting out Christmas decorations before the Halloween candy and costumes are put away, there is a problem of priorities.

When you can walk through the largest retailer in the U.S. and not see a single nativity scene in its selection of outdoor decorations, the real meaning of Christmas has been truly left behind.

The war is over.

The true god of this world has already won.  (Need a hint who that god is: $$$)

But, the media needs a war on Christmas.
The media (and certain segments of our society) need to do battle to prove how Christians are short sighted and have their own priorities messed up.
The media (and certain segments of society) need to make headlines, get clicks, and get revenue.

And what better way than to manufacture a crisis?
What better way than to get people to point fingers?
What better way than to get guilt ridden self-righteous Christians to point the finger at militant self-righteous Christians?

Find an obscure former pastor...
Have him criticize a secular business who makes a change...
Write a few headlines...
Pop some popcorn...

And watch how we get duped into fighting.


Over a manufactured controversy.

Instead of the things that really matter.

Are we that dumb?

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Kay Sams said...

Exactamundo! Christmas and Easter have been SO commercialized in the last hundred years.
It's gone so far with the PC culture that we now have a HOLIDAY TREE and HOLIDAY GREETING CARDS, etc. I've often wondered if a boycott of the commercialized aspects of the observed holidays would enhance our disappearing belief system. There are so many people in the Church as a whole and in our society general that have lost their souls, it seems. This world is ready for REVIVAL! Let's pray and sing happy birthday to Jesus this year and try to show our children and grandchildren that we honor our Lord with our hearts and our mouths...not by drinking coffee from a Christmas themed cardboard cup. Anyone with me?