Monday, April 27, 2015

To My LOL Friends

With the recent news that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is shutting down Lutherans Online, several folks who enjoy frequent discussions and conversations about issues are losing one of their avenues to do so. 

I have invited them to frequent my blog and post comments to what I post here, but I realize that the topics of conversation that I post may not always be to their taste.

Therefore, to my LOL friends, I invite you to send in suggested topics and web liks.  Just send me a message in the "contact me" form.  I will be happy to post your suggestions and links for discussion/observation.

Not all topics may be posted, but I think you will find that I allow all sorts of commentary--particularly even those with whom I vehemently disagree. 


Dennis Bender said...

Thank you, Kevin. I am denney (Dennis Bender) from LOL. That announcement has me a little adrift tonight. This screen is my window to the world as I am mostly home bound. Perhaps this site will be a new vision. A topic that has grown in me is the change in the Concordia Colleges. When I attended (67-71) the Colleges were schools for Christ-servant oriented students. Now it seems that they are little more than public universities. In my small view the church is being lost in the chase for funds. Am I wrong?

Kevin Haug said...

Ooh. Good topic. Let me give it a separate link,and let's see if we get any discussion!

Unknown said...

I am put in mind of Oscar Wilde who if memory serves was quoted as saying "The only thing worse than being talked about, is NOT being talked about."

I read your recent post on LOL inviting posters to your Blog.
My name was mentioned in it. Thanks!

And kind of like Scotch Brand Recording tape "The Truth(and the venom) WILL come out."


PS welcome Denney

Wayne Beebe (Gramps) said...

Lo and behold, Denney and I were in the Concordia System during the same time!

Which schools, Denney?

I went to Portland, then Fort Wayne, then 801 Demun. During the split I went from there to Lutheran Theological Seminary in Columbus OH--it is now Trinity Seminary.

Dennis Bender said...

Wayne, I attended Concordia College, Ann Arbor (67-69) and Concordia Teachers' College (69-71). Both have become Universities. As one can see from the next blog, I do not believe the change has been beneficial for the training of full-time church workers. It seemed to me that there was more consistency and control over who was teaching back then and we as students formed together as a church of servants. We knew and supported each other. The smaller school attitude and relationships definitely offered a special unique experience.