Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stretching the Mind

Those of you who read my blog know I like to delve into the deep questions of life:
  • Why are we here?
  • What is our purpose?
  • What is Truth?
  • What is the nature of reality?
And so on and so forth.  I read and write about biology, cosmology, quantum physics, biblical studies, cultural issues, difficult texts in the Scriptures, and other heady topics.

Honestly, I get a lot of energy and inspiration from dealing with difficult subjects.  I get a lot of energy and inspiration from trying to wrap my head around questions which have been around for a very, very long time.  I like crawling up into the realms of abstract thought and logic.

But then I come crashing down to earth rather quickly, and it is not preaching for my congregation which does it.  It is teaching Sunday School--especially this year.

For this year, in our Sunday School program, I am teaching the pre-K and Kindergarten students.  I am teaching kids who have just learned to potty train and can't tie their shoes.  I'm teaching kids who have no clue about the nature of atoms, quarks, and other subatomic particles.  They have no clue about evolution or science.  They can't even come close to comprehending the idea of the Trinity or historical-critical biblical methodologies.

And I am teaching them about God.

Talk about keeping you grounded and stretching your mind.

Jesus famously said, "Unless you accept the kingdom of God as a child, you cannot enter it."  Too often, I think we adults lose sight of this.  Maybe we should all try to teach a group of 3-5 year olds about God from time to time.  Might keep us a bit more humble.

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