Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cutting Back on Blogging

Perhaps to the joy of many and the chagrin of some, I have felt called to cut back on blogging. 

Oh, I have much that I would like to type and relay.  That is not the issue. 

The issue is, I feel compelled to write a book or two.  I have several unfinished manuscripts that need attention and a really big one that has been formulating itself.

I have managed to discipline myself so that I can produce a blog for four days a week, and I wish to use some of that discipline in writing manuscripts. 

I apologize to those (few?) who check this blog daily to see what I've written. 

I have come to a rather stark conclusion recently.  In this day and age, we are swamped by voices.  Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to add their voice and their understanding of faith, life, politics, and what have you--no matter whether or not that voice is an informed voice or not. 

Because of an increasing relativism that pervades society, some believe all voices are equal in what they say.  This is most certainly untrue.  While every person is indeed endowed with a voice, not all carry the same weight.  And in the increasing cacophony of voices, sometimes the only way to get heard is to shout the loudest and become the most controversial. 

I do not believe shouting just to be heard is exactly in accord with the Christian faith.  Neither do I think it is necessary to be controversial in the sense that one has to push the boundaries and venture into areas where once it was taboo in order to seem relevant.  In fact, I would argue the pushing of such boundaries and the venturing into such areas has actually been part of the cause of the decline of the Church in North America. 

I believe that perhaps, just perhaps at this point, instead of a continued "need" to make one's voice heard, it is time for quiet reflection and thought.  Much of my time in reflection and thought has led me to a place where I feel I must use much more than a blog post to articulate what is going on within me. 

For those who can't stand what I write: enjoy the reprieve.
For those who might actually miss: I apologize.
For those who are undecided, lukewarm, or who could care less: carry on.  Perhaps you are in the best position of all as you will not be affected.

For my congregation members and community folks who check in to see my sermons--especially if you miss worship--don't worry, those will be a mainstay. 

Enjoy the relative silence.



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