Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Satan Moves to Kill God Once Again

Satan: You know I'm really going to have a field day with this whole hell stuff.

God: You always think you will have a field day with the way I operate.

Satan: I know, I know, and you always seem to have the upper hand, but not this time.  I've got you now.

God: Oh really?

Satan: Yes.  You see, since you aren't trying to make people scared of hell and make them follow you out of fear...

God: Yep.

Satan: And since you give them what their hearts' desire...

God: Yep.

Satan: I will lead them to think they have absolutely no reason to fear you at all.  I will lead them to think they can have their desires without any consequences.  After all, you love them so much that you will just bring everyone to salvation.  I'll make them think that a loving God certainly wouldn't condemn anyone to hell.  It's just not in your nature to do such a thing.  After all, you can't hate, can you?

God: You would be wrong.

Satan: Wait a minute.  Did you just say that you are capable of hatred?

God: Indeed, I AM.

Satan: Now I am confused once more.  I thought I was the King of Hatred.  It is I who make people loathe one another.

God: Yes, you are, and  you do those things impossibly well.  The problem you have is that you do not understand love.

Satan: You know I hate that word.

God: I know.  Your hatred is directed toward all that is good.  My hatred is directed toward all that is bad.  I hate seeing creatures suffer--either for the choices they make or suffering that is brought upon them through no actions of their own.  I hate watching people starve because they refuse to share or distribute the plentiful food I provide.  I hate seeing people perpetuate violence upon one another.  I hate seeing people steal and manipulate each other to further their own means instead of building one another up in love.  Yes.  I know what it is to hate, but my hate is directed toward what people do--not toward people themselves.  This is where I differ greatly from you.

Satan: So what does this have to do with my plan?

God: Ask yourself this: do  you want to be responsible for making me angry?

Satan: Actually, I know very well what that is like. 

God: And  you know the consequences.

Satan: They suck.

God: And  yet, you continue to rebel?

Satan: Because I don't want to be obedient to you!

God: I know that, and so you continue to bring my wrath upon  you.  It's your choice, but others will choose differently.  They do not want to make me angry because they know my wrath is to be feared AND because they respect me.

Satan: Respect?

God: Yes.  Because I love them, they love and respect me.  It is their respect and desire to be obedient to me which drives them to do the works I command.  You might be able to convince them that universal salvation exists, but you will never be able to convince them there aren't consequences to their actions.  They know better.

Satan: How?

God: They've seen the cross.

Satan: Now what in the world does that have to do with this?

God: They know that when they continue to rebel, it is as if they are crucifying me all over again.  For I must pay for their rebellion.

Satan: So, their sin hurts you?  Kills you?  Then I will have to convince them to sin even more!

God: And this is different from when?  But I will trust them in even this.  I will trust them to resist your temptations as I believe many will, because they do not want to disappoint or hurt me by their actions.

Satan: But they will!!  I know they will!!  I know they will hurt you, reject you, kill you!!!

God: There will be some, no doubt.  But there is always forgiveness.  There is always resurrection!

Satan: Do you always have a rebuttal?

God: Do you have to ask stupid questions?

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