Friday, April 19, 2013

The Non-Living Became Living

"The dead cannot come to life."

This argument might present a Christian with a big problem--especially when spoken by someone who approaches a person of faith from the standpoint of reason and science.

Our usual defense is, "We take such things by faith and not by sight or by reason or by science."

This statement is true on our part, but may I suggest another tact.

First, see if those who say this will modify their statement to, "The non-living cannot become living."

If they agree to this premise, then ask the following:

Do you believe that scientists tell us that the earth was once a part of a bi-nary planet system and that those to planets collided?   The remains of that second planet are actually our moon.  Do you concede that because of this collision, the earth was once one giant ball of molten rock?

If they concede the point, ask them if they believe this rock was non-living or living.

If they are true to their logic, they will have to say that it was non-living.

Continue: And then, somehow, this planet, which was entirely non-living, molten rock somehow brought about living organisms?  Correct?

They must concede the point.

Therefore something that was non-living actually produced something that was living.  The non-living became living.  It happened once.  Isn't it possible it could happen again?

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