Thursday, April 11, 2013

God Trusts Us?

Satan: You actually trust those insignificant beings?

God: Yes.  I do.

Satan: You are daft.

God: Some would indeed say so.

Satan: I mean, how could you trust them after all they have done which is contrary to your will.  I mean, not just those two way back in the garden.  I mean, they ate the fruit contrary to your obedience, but everything that has transpired after that.  They've made a mess of things.
  • They became so rebellious and evil you had to flood the world and basically start over.
  • You chose a people to carry your blessing and time and again they turned away from you.
  • You delivered them from Egypt and saved them at the Red Sea, yet they rebelled, built a golden calf, feared entering the Promised Land, and had to wander around in the wilderness for 40 years until a generation died off.
  • When they entered the Land they rebelled and worshiped my minions.  Until you sent invaders to punish them.  Well, then they repented.  You sent a deliverer, and all was well until they started turning to my minions again.  They cycle just repeated.
  • So then they decided they didn't want to listen just to you.  They wanted their own king, and you let them have it!  Priceless!  They brought government upon themselves, and do you know the heyday I've had with governments since?  Those places are fertile ground for me to do some of my best work!
  • Their kings didn't do such a good job of following your mandates.  They worshiped other gods.  They committed injustice and failed to care for the widow and the orphan.  You became so fed up, you allowed other nations to conquer your precious people and take them out of power permanently.
  • Oh, then you did that thing with your boy, but to what effect?  Sure you have that body you call the church, but how effective has that been?  Taking power when Jesus said be powerless?  The Crusades?  The Inquisition?  Splitting into thousands of different sects? Sex scandals? Televangelists?  Tent healers who fleece your flock? 
  • And then the rise of science and technology.  This was supposed to drive religion away, into the background.  All the wars fought over ideology were supposed to vanish.  For a time I thought I was in good shape.  But then came the results of their arrogance. World War 1 and World War 2.  The Holocaust.  The Pogroms.  Millions killed on a scale which was once unimaginable.
  • And now people have unleashed the power of the atom.  They have the capability of destroying what you created.  I've ensured this technology has found itself into the hands of those who are unstable and power hungry to raise levels of fear and distrust.
And yet, you say you trust them?  Despite all of these horrendous things, you still trust them?  Why in the world would you do such an asinine thing?

God: Because I love them.

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