Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Continuing the Conversation

Satan: That was a mean, dirty, nasty trick!

God: *chuckles*

Satan: No fair!  I cry foul!  You cannot do such a thing!  You have broken your own laws of nature!  No one can be raised from the dead!

God: I've broken no laws.

Satan: And now, you are a LIAR on top of it!   The Almighty Lord of Hosts stooping to lying himself!  Oh, this is rich!  I've finally brought you down!   This will be the end of it!  Caught in a lie!

God: You apparently don't understand MY creation very well, do you?

Satan: Oh, but I do, I do!  I worked diligently to give humankind a tool which would help them understand it too.  I gave them the scientific method.  Through it, I knew they would discover how nature worked.  I knew they would use it to deny your existence.  And it's worked beautifully.  And even though, you cheated, because this method is so ingrained in humanity now, it won't work.  No one will believe Jesus was raised from the dead!  No one!  People will say, "It's just not possible!"  Because it is NOT!  I don't care that the tomb was empty.  Even though I see it and I know it, THEY WON'T!

God: *Sigh*  You don't keep up with what your introduction to the scientific method has wrought, have you?

Satan: Sure, I do!  I know that humankind has lengthened its life span.  I know they have given themselves a great deal of protection from the elements.  I know they have probed the far reaches of their solar system.  I know they have learned to cure many diseases.  I know they have harnessed the power of the atom.  They chalk it all up to their own achievements, too.  So, they don't attribute much of this to the power of thought that you gave them.  But, I've been sneaky in their use of this tool.  I've made sure and lead them to create weapons of mass destruction so that they can decimate large populations and even destroy the world.  I've heightened their fear so that they over prescribe anti-biotics so that super-bugs are created.  I've harnessed the power of the wealth that has been created by these technologies so that there are super rich people and super poor people.  I've fed the fires of jealousy this unequal distribution has caused.  But no one blames the methodology for bringing these things in!  I love it!  It's a total win/win for me.  I have people clamoring to say that science has shown that you do not exist, that you cannot break scientific laws, that humankind has achieved all of this without you, AND wanton jealousy which will eventually lead to their destruction.

God: And, your point?

Satan: Well, smarty-pants, through the scientific method, people have come to believe that there are immutable laws--laws which have allowed them to achieve great things.  An apple will always fall to the ground when it breaks from a tree.  A lead balloon will always sink to the bottom of a body of water.  Jerry Jones will always take a beloved football team, become a megalomaniac, and ruin it while building monuments to himself--I like Jerry, by the way.  And DEAD THINGS DO NOT COME BACK TO LIFE!!!

God: But, there is a possibility the exact opposite could happen.

Satan: No way!  That would break your own laws!

God: You are so superficial.

Satan: What the heck does that mean?

God: You look at what is going on at the surface, but you refuse to dig deeper.  You have no idea what is going on at the basic levels of this creation of mine.  You don't keep up with how far those rascally "apples of my eye" have come in their understanding.

Satan: You are losing me.

God: All you look at is the surface, but you fail to see that I have installed uncertainty in the very fabric of my creation.

Satan:  Huh?  I don't get it.

God: It took those little boogers a long time to figure it out, but as they dug deeper, humankind discovered that underneath the surface appearance, there is a world of probability.  Nothing is as it seems.  Nothing is certain.  Nothing in their understanding is always true all of the time.

Satan: What are you talking about?

God: Quantum Physics is what they call it.  It's been surprising people right and left for a few decades.  They can't seem to understand why things happen, but they do.  They look for an electron here, but it shows up over there. When they look for it over there, it shows up over here.  They've had to adjust their thinking.  No longer do they look for certainty, but they look at the range of probability.

Satan: And what does this have to do with that little stunt you pulled!

God: Nothing is certain.  The field is wide open.  I created it that way.  You don't really think I would close the system down so that I couldn't tinker with it, do you?

Satan: That's not fair!

God: It's my creation. 

Satan:  But... but.... but... No one will believe this.  They crave certainty!  They want the system closed!  They want an explanation for everything!  I've given them the tools to find it, and it's worked great!  They will reject this!  I'll make them think that all of these things are possible because there are an infinite number of universes!  That will solve everything!  Yes, that will satisfy them.

God: *Sigh* And they say it takes faith to believe in me.

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