Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You Need to Share!

My favorite flavor of ice cream is Blue Bell's Tin Roof Sundae.  It's essentially a chocolate sundae with chocolate covered peanuts.  Love might not be strong enough a word to describe how much I enjoy this particular flavor.

And there's a kicker to my favorite type of ice cream: Blue Bell only puts it out for a few months out of the year: late summer into early fall.  Yes, I have three half-gallons stored in my freezer.

Shortly after purchasing the first half-gallon, I am in the kitchen rationing out my portion for the day.  My eldest daughter is searching around for dessert after finishing her dinner.

She sees my ice cream.

You know what's coming next, don't you?

"Daddy, can I have some of your ice cream?"

Daddy doesn't want to share.  Daddy wants to guard his favorite ice cream and keep it to himself, and Daddy actually says it out loud.

"Kiera, this is Daddy's favorite ice cream.  He doesn't get to have it all the time.  You can have some vanilla."

Not good enough for the little pest, I mean, girl.  She wanted my ice cream, and she knew how to get it.

"Daddy, you need to learn to share!"

Ooooh, don't you hate it when your kids are right?  Don't you hate it when they get old enough to turn the tables on you?

Kiera got her, I mean, Daddy's ice cream. 

Funny thing, she hasn't asked for it since.

Do you think that bothers me?

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