Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Power of God Moving

I am hard pressed to explain it perfectly, but I have seen a concentrated outpouring of the power of God lately.  It is a marvel to behold:

1.  The woman who suffered a debilitating stroke back in July who I have wrote about numerous times is now home again. 

2. Our congregation has begun praying for a young man whose body is ravaged with cancer.  Following the initial service where his name was added to the prayer list, a church member walked up to me.  This person stated to me that while driving home, the young man's plight struck hard.  Returning to church, the member asked me if it was acceptable to offer a donation for this young man to do something fun--kind of like a make a wish sort of deal.  $500 was donated instantly because of a prayer.

3. Before herding my kids into the car to head to school the following morning, the phone rings.  Usually a phone call late at night or early in the morning does not bring good news.  I was in store for a surprise.  A member saw our council had voted to construct a prayer room as part of our church office--one that will be open to the public 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Touched by this desire for prayer to be a part of our community and church, this member donated $1,000 for its construction.  Mind you, our council had already designated $4,000 toward the room, but the member had great enthusiasm for it as well.

4. Several things in my personal faith life have exploded as well.  I will not go into them in detail right now, but they are part of this larger picture which seems to be emerging right now. 

Let the blessings rain down and the power continue to flow.

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