Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Tale of Two Deaths

Last night, I received word of two deaths.  I spent a bit of time reflecting upon the news.

One offered the world her voice.
One offered only the sweat of his brow.

One sang for millions.
One fixed the machines that allowed millions to travel to work.

One gave the tabloids headlines, gossip, and marital twists of all sorts.
One gave over 50 years of marriage to his wife, raised three kids, and got a simple mention in the local paper.

One enjoyed all the comforts money could buy.
One lived without air conditioning in one of the hottest states in the U.S.

One rode in limos, chartered jets, and walked the red carpet.
One drove a beat up pickup and walked his pasture covered with cattle droppings.

One was considered a diva.
One would have punched you if you even suggested he was.

Millions will shed tears for one.
A few hundred will gather for the other.

Celebrities will gather and sing praises of one.
Ordinary "Janes and Joes" will gather for the other.

The world will take notice of one.
A community will grieve the other.

Both are children of God.
I have no doubts about this.

But I will miss one much more than the other.
Wonder if you can guess which?

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wendteacher said...

Those who live simple, noble, good lives, for whom drama is the birth of a child, the death of a spouse -- those are the people for whom headlines are not written. But they are the people who are the salt of the Earth.