Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just to Let You Know

To my fellow readers,

I wish to inform you that I am embarking on a bit of a journey in the next few months.  Through prayer and study, some things have opened up to me that I will be pursuing.  I am really struggling to get my head around some very difficult concepts and how they apply not only to the Christian faith, but to my life and life within the Church.

In all possibility, I will be writing a second book as I try to systematically put these concepts down, and hopefully they will be easily understood.  (Not sure that they will be because of the subject matter, but we shall see.)  I am hoping that the study and writing I will be doing will not affect too much the amount of posting that I do on this blog.  Yet, I do know the last time I put a book together, there were several things that suffered.  I just don't know at this juncture.

Please bear with me if I don't quite post as much or as often.  I'll try to keep things going on a very regular basis.



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