Monday, December 12, 2011

A Proud Parent

Friday, I chaperoned my eldest's first grade class field trip to Martin Tree Farms in Bellville.

I had a great time being with my daughter and helping her teacher herd a group of cats...oops, I mean first graders. :-)

The kids were actually very well behaved.  Only a few minor incidents during the morning, and nothing news worthy.  But there was one thing very news worthy, at least to yours truly.

The final activity my daughter's class participated in was listening to the Christmas story--the tree farm is run by Christian folks, and they have a little nativity set which tells the story of Christmas.  They all herded into a little shed where the Martin's gathered the trimmed branches of the trees and made wreathes.  After a simple explanation of how the wreaths were made, the lady giving the presentation asked, "Why do we celebrate Christmas?"

One little girl in the front jumped up raising her hand.  She spoke, "Because it's a neat time when Santa comes and brings presents."

The lady nodded and said, "Yes, but what else?"

That's when she called on my daughter.

I stood at the door, listening intently.

"Because it's Jesus' birthday," she said, without hesitation.


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Kathy said...

Two thumbs up! Children usually (but not always) reflect on their parents.