Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A $1 Dream

I usually don't play the lottery.

Mathematically, I know it's a waste of money.

But $330 million does offer quite a temptation.

Mega-millions.  Yep.  That's an accurate description.  What would I do with that amount of cash?

I bought a ticket knowing I was basically buying a $1 dream.

Yeah, I guess I could have slightly increased my odds by buying more tickets, but why?

The odds of actually winning are astronomical, and I have better things to spend my money on.

But a dollar dream is worth it.

For an afternoon, I was wealthy beyond my imagination, and I dreamed of how I would spend the money.

My first thoughts, being who I am, were of where I would give portions of the money away.

Writing a check to our Synod Offices for the Gallo Clinic and to purchase motorcycles for the pastors in that impoverished country.

"Imagine the looks on the staff members in the Synod Office when they opened a million dollar check," I told my wife.

Establishing an endowment fund at my current congregation to pay the pastor's salary and benefits so that all that money currently given to the budget for that expense could be given to those in need.

The Sealy Christian Pantry and the Bellville Pantry would benefit substantially.

My home congregation would receive a chunk of change as would my seminary and college.

Of course, some thought was given for personal uses.

Debt free as I would pay off the mortgage on our rent house.

A 2011 Ford Mustang GT convertible for me.

Education accounts for my kids.

Ensuring my parents and in-laws didn't have to worry about their retirement.

Then some intriguing ideas.

Fulfilling a dream to start a congregation on my own.

Opening a business.

Furthering my education.  Pursuing a couple of interests of mine--is it possible to come up with cheap energy alternatives to oil, natural gas, and coal?  Is it possible to work toward a cure for cancer knowing cancer cells are actually part of one's body--cells which have gone rogue.  Can one kill the cancer without killing the body?  Can one stop the malignant process in the body by changing other behaviors?

For an evening, I had such dreams.  They were pleasant.  I could live in a fantasy for a while.  I slept with thoughts of awakening a millionaire.

But it is morning.  As my brain knew, I didn't win.

The dream is over.

Back to reality.

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