Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not to be Overlooked...

Once a month, our congregation has a get together for retired folks called our "Senior Service."

It's specifically geared for folks who have a difficult time coming on Sunday morning.  We have a brief worship service with Holy Communion.  No one has to stand during the service.  All remain seated.  We provide a meal--usually a main course, and those attending bring side dishes and desserts.  Then, we play games and fellowship for much of the afternoon.

Yesterday, we had our Christmas service, singing Christmas carols and eating Turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings.

I stood in the "pulpit" and offered thanks for those who cooked including one of our congregation members who provided the dressing, and myself for cooking the turkey. 

It was only after I was in line getting my food that I realized a huge omission in my thanks.  Usually, I thank them every week, but for some reason, my brain just passed right by them on this day.  Two of our ladies of the church put in an awful lot of time and energy setting this service up. 

Not only do they get this service prepared, they head up the Altar Guild of the Congregation, and they coordinate meals when we have a funeral at the church.  They set up for the funerals and make sure the food is out as well.  One of these ladies is constantly heading into Katy to go to Sam's Club and purchase items for the church and church office.

And they would like to do more!

One day, I literally had to tell one of these ladies, "Don't do it!" when the Red Cross was in need of a shelter coordinator for the congregation.  Land's sakes, she already did and is doing enough.  She doesn't need another item of stress on her plate.

How could I forget to thank these two ladies.  They did a magnificent job setting up for this event (as they do all of them).   They decorated the tables with Christmas presents.  One of the gals literally wrapped a whole bunch of empty boxes for the decorations!  When they were placing them out the Monday before, they noted how the tables looked too blank, so they found some old plastic table cloths (green and red as expected) and cut runners to go down the tables.  They set all the places.  They prepared tea and coffee and egg nog--unleaded of course.  They welcomed guests as they arrived.  They helped get our Assisted Living Ladies to their places after the bus arrived.  They set up for communion.  All of these behind the scenes and little details, they had covered immaculately!

How could I forget them?

It's so darn easy to take for granted those who take care of the little details.  It's so darn easy to take for granted those who work day in and day out without asking much in reward.  These two ladies do this work because they love their Lord, they love their church, and they love serving others.

I know you two don't ask for it, but Shirley and Glenda: Thank you!  You are a couple of amazing ladies in an amazing group of people that is called the church in Cat Spring.  I am blessed to know you.


Frances said...

Well AMEN to that!

Anonymous said...

You're right - they do SO MUCH all year long! Cheryl