Thursday, October 28, 2010

Invitation Extended

Most successful blogs offer others an opportunity to share their views with those reading.  I would like to make a standing offer to anyone who wishes to offer a guest post.

Generally all views will be welcomed.  I will not permit exchanges with explicit name calling or those I deem mean spirited.  However, if you wish to share your views with things theological, please do.  Seen something you disagree with, please offer a rebuttal.  God doing something neat in your life, please share.

Here are the rules and guidelines:

1. Be respectful.  (And all it entails.)
2. Have fun.

That's it.

You can submit a post through messaging me on my Facebook account (for those who follow on FB) or making a comment.  (I just figured out how to let all folks comment and not just those who have a google account.)  I will moderate them, and if it's a guest post, I will give it a heading of its own.

Hope for some fun discussions and to see what God's doing all over the place.

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