Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I do not claim to have any special wisdom or understanding when it comes to the Christian faith.  I believe that many issues that we make so much of today have been dealt with in some form throughout the 2000 years the church has existed; however, there are times when I still need to wrestle.  There are times when I still need to put down what is rumbling around between my ears.

I have been extremely blessed in my service as a pastor, and since moving to the country--a rural town in Texas with a population of 75--I have been further showered with such blessings.  Yet, there is a restlessness within me right now.  One might chalk it up to middle age or a mid-life crisis.  Yet, it might be something else.  Perhaps the Spirit is working on me in a fashion that I do not realize as of yet.  In my readings of those who have gone before, I have come across those who give the advice of writing and journaling one's thoughts.   I will attempt to do so.  Perhaps they will flow fast and furious for a time.  Perhaps they will be slow to come.  Yet, here is where I will keep them for the time being as I continue this journey of faith that I and many others are called to experience.

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