Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heathen for a Day

Today, I get to be a heathen--well, perhaps in the minds of some folks.

I am neglecting my duties as a pastor to go watch high priced gladiators duke it out in a modern day colosseum.  I guess there is some consolation in that my congregation president gave me the tickets to the game.  If a congregation president gives a gift to the preacher to skip church, does God understand? *Chuckle*

Oh, and further evidence of my "heathenhood".  I found out the other day that the tickets that I have are being sold for $1800 A PIECE.  Can you believe that?  The parking pass I have is going for $250.  I'm sitting on $3,850 worth of paper.  For a game. 

Oh, if I had bought these tickets myself, I might just sell them and turn a profit, but they were a gift.  It's also a chance to see my favorite team: the Dallas Cowboys.  I may never get this opportunity again.  I'm going to seize it. 

I will take my place with 75,000 fellow "worshipers".  We will go through the "liturgy"; pre game warm up, announcements of the starting line up; the singing of the Star Spangled Banner; and the rig a ma roe surrounding the coin flip and the kick off.  It is quite amazing how similar to a worship service attending one of these games is.  This will be my fifth experience at  a pro football game.

In a sense, I have a divided heart when it comes to pro sports.  I love watching it.  I cheer on my favorite team.  But I have the sense to realize it's just a game.  If the Cowboys lose, I'm not depressed for a week or so.  Yet, some folks take these things so seriously, their mental state is greatly affected by whether their team wins or loses.  I personally can't fathom that.  Life doesn't revolve around football or basketball or baseball or whatever sport one chooses.

My life revolves around my relationship with God, and He has blessed me with a wonderful family and great friends.  These are the things that are of utmost importance to me.  If something happens to them, then my world gets topsy-turvy.  My emotional state gets altered.  That's the way it should be. 

Yet, I will sit in the stands.  I will cheer.  I will have fun.  I will be a heathen for a few hours, but once the game is over, I will swing back to reality, ready to focus on the things that are truly important.

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